We are a friendly full-service video production agency with over 15 years of experience. Our videos drive measurable results and utilize innovative technologies to evoke emotion and engagement from your prospects.

We believe that great video marketing has the power to build brands, trust, and revenue and because of that, we do things differently at VSM.


Video production used to be a luxury. But with MotionPic we’re leveling the playing field. So whether you’re looking to increase engagement with quality video ads for social media or maybe just spruce up your website with animated banners- MotionPic is the ideal and cost-effective solution for you.


Say goodbye to one size fits all marketing that’s easily ignored. You want to connect in a way that speaks directly to your customers’ needs. With the click of a button we can generate thousands of personalized videos for each step of your customer journey. Because ultimately, nothing beats 1:1 communication!


Video outperforms images on all social platforms. But with dynamic video ads we leverage that impact by creating modular videos that automatically change according to viewer’s profile. You’ll be able to target limitless audience groups in multiple languages showcasing specific products or services that are most relevant to them.


Whether it is an introduction to your brand, a product demo or an informational presentation, video allows you to increase brand awareness and generate new business leads. It is a powerful medium that engages the viewer making it ideal for relating true stories that evoke emotion and inspire action.


We’ve worked with clients across every vertical to drive traffic, increase engagement, convert leads, close customers and maximize revenue through video content.

Click on the examples below to see some of our latest works.

75% VTR (view through rate), 42% App Download Increase
58% Churn Reduction, 23% Less Calls to Customer Service
78% View Through Rate, 82% CTR (click through rate)
100% Happier Employees
Chosen Video Providers for Microsoft
91% Email Open Rate, +12 Points NPS Increase