3 Ways To Utilize Your CRM To Bring In More Sales

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system may be seen as a tool for managing business contacts and for sharing information with colleagues, but the most successful business owners understand that a great CRM system should be used to actively drive sales.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how you can transform thinking within your organization, allowing you to harness the full power of the tools that are available to you.

Firstly, let’s think about why you are storing all of that contact information within the system. It clearly allows you to rapidly access data on businesses and individuals, but it’s much more than simply listing telephone numbers and email addresses. When used creatively, this data can enable personalization of contact with clients and prospective clients.

Once you start to really delve into the data, you can start to improve results. One means of achieving this is by using personalized video marketing, including references to client names, business names and even email addresses within videos that are sent to individual clients. As you can imagine, this represents a powerful strategy. Integration of such features can be expected to lead to a serious uplift in engagement from potential clients.

Upselling to existing clients

But it doesn’t just work in cases where you are seeking to win new business. This is also a great way to upsell to your existing customers. As a result of the business relationship that you may have built up over a long period of time, your existing customers are likely to be open to buying an increased level of services from you, as long as they see value in what’s on offer.

By combining personalized videos with the data in your CRM system, you can both build an awareness of new offers, while also reflecting the strength of your ongoing business relationship with the client.

Building brand awareness

At the same time, you should be looking to build awareness of your brand. This is a process that never stops, as you constantly reach out to those who may not know too much about what you do right now. You never know when that work on building the brand will start to pay dividends.

When we started working with FM Trader we found it was super important to differentiate them from competitors in the Forex industry. How did we do that? A series of short and amusing videos that were focused on familiarizing potential customers without boring them with too much info.

Increasing customer loyalty

Finally, it’s critical that you remember that your CRM software isn’t simply there to win business and to remind you of the contact details of existing clients. Use it to keep in touch with all clients on a regular basis, sending them special offers and reminding them that you value their business. By doing so, you will increase levels of customer engagement and will build loyalty to your own business.