B2B marketing trends for 2018

If you’re standing still in marketing and in business as a whole, then it’s likely that you are in the process of being overtaken by competitors. That’s why successful businesses appreciate the importance of continually looking to stay one step ahead of the competition.

For those operating within a B2B environment, this means that you need to move early, in order to gain a critical advantage. So what sort of activity should you be undertaking right now? In this article, we take a closer look at the hot trends that we’re foreseeing for 2018.


Are you spending your time creating marketing campaigns manually? If so, it’s likely that you are failing to reach your full marketing potential. Your competitors are almost certainly making intelligent use of automation, enabling them to get their message in front of a greater number of prospective clients.

Automation can take many forms, including remarketing ads and lead grading applications, but the key to success in this area is to ensure that your automation actually feels natural. For the most part, your prospects shouldn’t even realise that you are using automated techniques.

Content marketing

We’ve been told for years that “content is king”, but this phrase still holds true. The most successful businesses out there are using content to attract visitors to their websites, to retain customers and to pick up referrals. They’re also enhancing the entire customer experience using content marketing.

But you may be thinking that the first two areas that we’ve covered here are rather contradictory. After all, isn’t it a really bad idea to automatically create content?

This is where it becomes so important that you use intelligent automation. Personalized video content provides an excellent example of this in action: you can create personalized content that appears to be targeted at an individual, but it can actually be created at scale. That’s the perfect means to enhance on-site content, while ensuring that you’re not having to rely upon a laborious manual process.

Channel integration

The third area that we’d like to mention in the context of 2018 B2B marketing is the importance of integrating across channels. You may be creating a fantastic mobile app right now, but does it seamlessly integrate with you website? Are you collecting data via your website, mobile apps and email marketing in a manner that allows data to be transferred directly into your CRM system? Are you potential clients viewing your business consistently across channels? If not, you’re falling behind the competition right now.

Finally, it’s critical that you remember that your CRM software isn’t simply there to win business and to remind you of the contact details of existing clients. Use it to keep in touch with all clients on a regular basis, sending them special offers and reminding them that you value their business. By doing so, you will increase levels of customer engagement and will build loyalty to your own business.