Do Daily Market Video Updates Generate More Revenue for Brokers?

Did you know that around 75% of emails that are received by clients will never actually be opened?

The binary options sector represents a competitive marketplace and it can sometimes seem a little difficult to stand out from your rivals. Video marketing offers an approach that can transform levels of brand recognition and engagement and help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Clients value good quality, exclusive information. Being seen to provide reliable insights can help to build your client base and is also a strong means of encouraging client retention. But daily email updates and other older forms of engagement have become less effective over time. Did you know, for example, that around 75% of emails that are received by clients will never actually be opened?

In order to have a real impact, you need to think about alternative methods of reaching out to those who might otherwise be failing to hear your message. This is where videos come in handy.

Video in an email can increase click-through rates by up to 300%, helping to drive visitors to your video content. Once there, it’s important that you offer an informative, professional experience.

Focus on your target audience and don’t be tempted to stray from binary options content. Make it a point to deliver insights and how-tos that help your viewers feel more familiar with the forex world.

The more comfortable they feel – the more confident they’ll be to trade. Videos are great for capturing attention and for building trust and they can also have a more direct impact, producing increased revenues.

A recent comparison suggested that businesses using video grow their revenue almost 50% faster on a year-on-year basis than those businesses that are not making use of video content. If you want to see dramatic improvements, then it’s clear that daily market video updates, particularly when making use of personalization, have the ability to have a substantial impact.

When thinking about your approach to market updates, you do need to be wary of using shortcuts. Low quality videos can have the opposite impact, creating a negative, residual view of your brand. The key is to

concentrate on high quality updates that build positive brand recognition, reflect the values of your business. Although this may mean making a somewhat larger investment in video production, the outcomes are likely to be much improved.

An increased number of binary options providers are turning their attention of video marketing, embracing the advantages that are on offer. Join that movement today and increase your ability to compete in a crowded marketplace.