How to Prospect Better and Sell Smarter Using Video Marketing

A steady flow of high quality leads is central to the success of any business. Keeping that sales pipeline full will ensure that your business will keep on ticking over, without the peaks and troughs that haunt some.

This may sound like a fantastic idea, but how do you turn it into reality? Reaching out to potential customers can sometimes seem like an increasingly complex task, with a constant fight for attention. Emails are frequently discarded, while online advertising can simply lead to a struggle to stand out from the crowd. It’s within this context that video marketing can come to the fore.

The key to success is developing video content that appeals to your own target audience. In order to achieve that aim, it’s of critical importance that you also make full use of the analytics capabilities of video marketing. Great analytics allow you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns, measuring improvements over time. Are viewers choosing to watch your videos right through to the end, or do you see a drop off at a particular point in time. Incisive analytics can be used to transform your video marketing approach.

Personalized video also needs to be at the core of your marketing campaign. Although you’ll want to distribute your content to as many viewers as possible, the use of personalization can ensure a unique, individual message. You might, for instance, consider including the viewer’s name, email address or business logo within the video content. The impact of such a change should not be under-estimated, leading directly to greater levels of engagement.

Does personalization sound like a useful trick? In truth, it is much more than that: it enables you to retain attention for longer, boosting outcomes as a result. Indeed, some studies have found that personalized video marketing may lead to a 500% increase in those responding to campaigns.